About Life Studio

More about Me

I am a certified Life Coach and Art Therapist and am passionate about the healing powers of being creative. The healing power of doodling and art is amazing as it happens without you even being aware of it. It is the best form of non-judgemental and non-invasive therapy, that I love using to help myself and you.

In my life, art and being creative has always been my go-to especially when I need to figure something out. It is a big part of my self-care for my mental and emotional wellbeing.

I love interacting with people and having coffee with friends or family time and it is just as much therapy for me as art is. Talking to people, hearing their stories always leaves me mindful of just how great the human spirit is.

My mission in life is to inspire and empower people to become the person they are truly here to be, by sharing self-help tools allowing them to evolve into better versions of themselves every day.

My Mantra is “It’s a daily practice” and is one that I practice every day

My Vision is to teach kids and adults how to grow out of and into themselves throughout their lives in a self-loving and kind manner through visual creative expression. To promote improved mental and emotional wellbeing in everybody whose lives I have touched.