Guided Doodle Session:

This is the "Netflix & Chill" of Guided Doodle Session and is perfect for the following reasons:

Don’t have the discipline to relax and destress at home?

Love being creative but get distracted with life?

Guided Doodle Session are perfect for you.

Let’s tick the boxes:

☑ It is one hour a week
☑ It is creative
☑ It is relaxing and stress free
☑ No art experience or drawing
☑ Non-judgemental and non-invasive

After a while of regular creativity with me, you will notice that life is a little easier to cope with, there is less anxiety, more relaxation and generally you feel better.


Creativity Coaching for Adults - Mental and Emotional wellbeing

Consistency is the key to change in life. Research has shown it takes 21 days to form a new habit.

To do this, I assist you with the navigation of finding clarity in your life and life purpose.

You are the master creator of your life, so we look at your creation until now and see what it is you want to change.

Together, we find tools, skill and mindsets that allow you to reduce the anxiety / stress / indecision in your life.

As we go through the process you will gain valuable insight into the awesomeness of you, developing self - love and setting healthy boundaries in your life.

You will feel more empowered in your life and environment to make more aligned choices that uplift you and bring joy to your life.

All of this in done is a safe, nurturing space, as my aim is to allow you to grow into the person and life you want to be, enjoying the mental and emotional wellbeing that comes with this.

You deserve the very best and I would like to teach you how to obtain this.

Each session is done online via Zoom unless otherwise arranged.
All sessions include email and Whatsapp support.

You also receive a Creativity Kit which includes the following:

Journal / Black Pen / Pencil / Eraser / Coloured Pens / Stickers / Printouts / Courier Fee

  • Creativity Coaching for Adults one-on-one 10 x 1 Hour Sessions R3000

    R3,000.00 Select Options
  • Creativity Coaching for Adults one-on-one 6 x 1 Hour Sessions R2000

    R2,000.00 Select Options
  • Creativity Coaching for Adults one-on-one Single Session R450

    R450.00 Select Options