As a Visual Life Coach, I will assist you with:

  • helping you to find clarity
  • ask the questions that you have been avoiding
  • identify certain behaviours, beliefs and habits that have been limiting you
  • help navigate your life and equip you with tools to make better life choices

How do I help you?

I believe that when we can visually identify the ups and downs of our lives and the behaviours, habits and beliefs that contributed to this, we are better able to change our mindset to make better life choices.

Through a combination of talking about where you are in your life and using the medium of creativity, we are more able to visually identify and gain clarity in what you want.

Creative expression is for many people a way to let out the complexity of what going on in your inner emotional world.

It is like listening to music or looking at a painting that evokes certain emotions.

As we are different people, what we experience is unique to each one of us.

Your creative expression allows me to help you visually navigate the complexity of this with no judgement or analysis, helping you to heal and to move forward with more freedom in your life.

All of this is done in a safe space and in a very nurturing and supportive way as my purpose is to allow you to see how awesome you really are. My aim is to encourage you to evolve into the person you want to be.

Visual Life Coaching offers:

Finding clarity in your life and life purpose.

Finding ways to reduce anxiety / stress / indecision in your life.

Gaining insight into yourself, developing self love and setting healthy boundaries.

Feeling more empowered in your life and environment, allowing you to make choices that uplift you.

Learning new life skills and growth mindset tools that you can use every day,

These sessions can be done online or in person.

Self – Investment:

Online session is R 150.00 with the first one free

In person session is R 250.00 with the first one free

Tweens and Teens Mentoring Programme:

As children grow into adulthood, life becomes confusing emotionally, mentally and physically.

In addition to this, there is the element of peer and social media pressure to also cope with.

Children need to be able to express themselves to someone who is impartial, someone who they feel will be non-judgemental or analytical.

Through the weekly mentoring programme, children learn:

To express themselves and to use art journaling as a tool to help them cope with the situations they find themselves in.

Reduce anxiety/stress and improve their outlook on life.

Improved self-esteem and self love.

Learn new life skills and growth mindset tools that they can use everyday.


Monthly cost of R 450.00 for once a week sessions

Online monthly cost R 350.00 for once a week sessions

10% discount for siblings. First session is free.

Doodlechill Mindful Meditation Sessionss

Doodling is an awesome way to decompress from life’s everyday stresses. 

In this one hour session, we doodle and create and forget about the world. It is the perfect ME-time and allows you to re-enter the world feeling a lot more relaxed and happier.

I doodle with you and each week we do a new doodle which I do with you step by step, so even if you can’t draw a stick figure, you CAN do this, as it is not the end result but the process of relaxing.

Here are your options:

Weekly online sessions – R 100 per month – Wednesday mornings at 9h00am or Saturdays at 2h00pm

One off online session – R 30.00 – time to be arranged

Group online sessions: R 30.00 per person – time to be arranged

Me-Time Moments


Every month of 2021, I offer a different theme for self -exploration through art journaling. 

Each week, you will receive a video link with the step by step creative exercise, prompts and things to reflect on.

Each week, I will also connect with you online for a chat over coffee, offering support and guidance.

These creative exercises are designed to be done in a week, giving you time to go at your own pace.


R 600.00 – per online course excluding the journal & pen

R850.00 – per online course including the journal, pen & postage

More about me

I am a certified Life Coach and Art Therapist and am passionate about the healing powers of being creative. 

In my life, art and being creative has always been my go to especially when I need to figure something out.

I love interacting with people and having coffee with friends or family time and it is just as much therapy for me as art is. Talking to people, hearing their stories always leaves me mindful of just how great the human spirit is.

My mission in life is to inspire and empower people to become the person they are truly here to be, by sharing self-help tools allowing them to evolve into better versions of themselves every day.

My Mantra is Ït’s a daily practice” and is one that I practice every day

My Vision is to teach kids and adults how to grow out of and into themselves throughout their lives in a  self-loving and kind manner through visual creative expression. To promote improved mental and emotional wellbeing in everybody whose lives I have touched

To make an appointment or find out more, please scroll down to the contact form, complete it and send 

Contact details:

082 330 9887

124 13th Street, Orange Grove, 2192

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